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So you just want the filing out of the office, but you have to keep it! Here at Discount City Self Storage solutions, we offer a large range of storage space sizes to keep all your documents safe and sound. For a monthly fee and cost of racking, our facilities can make your space problems go away. We will also organise pick up from you, deliver into our facility and store your documents under lock and key with over 20 security cameras watching over them. Give us a call for a quote and let us take your document storage nightmares away cheaply and efficiently.

• Call us with the number of archives you want stored
• Purchase only the amount of racking required               (it's yours to keep)
• We pick it up from you
• We store it under lock & key
• Easy access if required
• Destruction by request
• Simple monthly cost

Below is a typical 3m x 3m storage space which will hold up to 140 archive boxes.

2460 x 2400 x 900 x 4 levels

Holds 70 archive boxes



3m x 3m total 140 archive boxes


2460 x 2400 x 900 x 4 levels
Holds 70 archive boxes



And don’t forget, “we sell boxes





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